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We think there is a lot to learn about the knives and history of Queen Cutlery over its 115 years of operation. We make no claim to be “Comprehensive;” since we see both the knives and history as expanding.   There are almost 300 articles on this site that you will not find anywhere else, totaling over 650 pages. We think INFORMATION is the key to enjoying this hobby more and spending your money well.  We are actively seeking new information for the beginning collector and the veteran. We look forward to your participation. 

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 “Our Focus.” Queen declared bankruptcy in 2017 and all the original equipment was auctioned off. The factory was permanently shuttered in 2018. The Queen trademark was subsequently purchased, but as of this date time no Queen Cutlery knives are being produced in America.

So, this site focuses only Queen Knives and the company’s history in Titusville, PA, which began approximately in 1903 and ended in 2017.   

Our themes:

            “70 Years of Catalog Knives” This site takes its name from the GUIDES produced from a database of 70 years of Catalog and price lists which provide the most rapid and efficient way to summarize the entire basis of the company’s cutlery products (7,858 items) from 1947-2017 with “Guides” on Model #, Series of knives, and knife patterns.

            “The Tang and Etch GUIDE” Provides the most complete record to date, based photographs of actual knives using Queen Cutlery marks, their brands and predecessors: Schatt & Morgan, and Queen City, Dollar Knives, Robeson by Queen, and Tuna Valley. Over 7o tang and etches are included.

            “Articles on Knives and Queen History.” This section contains new articles on knives and history and will continue to grow. Much new information about Queen’s history has emerged as a result of the company’s bankruptcy and our continued study. Included are, Price Lists, Historical knife boxes, Valuable information on specific knives -Roosters, Swing-guards, Express Switchblades, hatchets, scissors and many more. We include articles on “Growth of Collector Knives through the 1970s-1991. Tell us if you wish for a new article!

            “Special” knives – Queen projects and Special Factory Orders” have not been documented ever and have increased greatly over the past 20 years. We List by Model numbers and we will be expanding this new effort.


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This site is a labor of love and created with the personal resources of those passionate about Queen City Cutlery.  

If you like what you see, please consider donating.  With your support, we can continue to expand this site and research.

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